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Get everyone on the same page with your data. ilumadata is the single workspace for the data platform you already have.

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BI and Data Analysts

Discover and interact with your data in a single workspace. Contribute to your organisation’s data pipelines without setting up a development environment.

Data Governance

Proactive data controls ensure that data assets are documented, tested, and owned when they’re created.

Data Leaders

Complete visibility with end-to-end lineage that is always up-to-date. Real time reporting of costs, team health, data quality, and SLAs.

Data and Analytics Engineers

Debug, optimise and resolve your pipeline issues fast by visualising your pipeline metadata.

"... data workflows are 3x faster with ilumadata"

"... very impressed by ilumadata's ease of use"

Integrates with
dbt Redshift Spark Airflow BigQuery Postgres Snowflake Airbyte Prefect
and more